Proud-Aid is a distinctive formulation to aid in the prevention and treatment of Proud-flesh. It also aids in the treatment of scratches, wire cuts, mud fever, skin irritations and other skin disorders in horses. Proud-Aid is a smooth textured paste that is easy to apply and is non irritant to the horse. It helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound. Proud-Aid dries rapidly, stays in place and can be used without bandaging.


Stir well before use with enclosed stirrer- applicator..

Clean wound with anti-bacterial solution or saline and dry well.

If proud flesh is present and more than 13mm thick, debride the surface before applying PROUD-AID.

Apply a thin layer of PROUD-AID across the wound surface using the stirrer-applicator provided.

It is recommended that wounds be covered with non-stick gauze and a bandage however this is not essential as PROUD-AID is formulated to stick to wounds.

Repeat this treatment every 1-3days until healing is complete