QI EASE 2.5kG,

QI EASE 2.5kG,


QI Ease - Qld Itch Treatment

QI Ease is a blend of nutritional supplements, minerals, amino acids and extracted soluble fibre designed to supplement the equine diet.

Queensland Itch (Culicodides Dermatitis) is caused by an allergic response to biting insects, especially Culicoides - midges.  A suspect horse will 'over react' to the bites and rub vigorously on fences and trees, opening the skin to infection causing further irritation.

QI Ease is safe for pregnant mares and foals.  It contains no drugs, chemicals or dairy products, only minerals, amino acids, soluble fibre and nutritional supplements that do not occur in most other equine supplements.  Water soluble.


Suggested 3 Step Plan:

1. Feed QI Ease daily, plus a quality everyday mineral supplement.

2. Protect from insect bites with safe rugging practices, especially at night.

3. Treat to prevent secondary infections with QI GOLD SERUM.


Dosage: 50g per day.  Allow at least 14-30 days to see a noticeable improvement.

May be used with dogs