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    Equiheal Hoof - Sole - Hide  375g and 1kg

    aids in the protection & maintenance against

    • soft soles & hoof soreness
    • white-line separation & thrush
    • hoof cracks & greasy heel
    • soothing relief for overworked & overheated hooves
    • new & old skin & heel conditions
    • water resistant. Repels flies


    Cleanse and dry wound thoroughly, apply a light cover of ointment around the borders of the wound until proud flesh has filled the cavity of the wound. Then apply a light cover of ointment to the whole area of the wound. This will aid in the control of excessive proud flesh until the wound has completely healed.

    Apply daily or as required. Apply bandage if required.

    Water resistant and repels flies.

    Directions for use:

    Bandage or Hoof Boot Application

    Cleanse and dry hoof thoroughly. Stir with finger to soften ointment then apply a thick cover to the sole, frog bars and bulb areas. Then cover with paper, cloth or cottonwool and bandage or cover with a hoof boot. Apply daily or as required.


    Skin & Heels:

    Cleanse and dry thoughly.Stir with finger to soften ointment then apply in a circular motion leaving a light cover. Apply once daily or as required. Bandaging may assist with some applications.



    Contains a blend of natural ingredients infused with lanolin, sulfur, camphor, eucalyptus oil and selected clays.