Multi-Action Digestive Supplement for Horses

Kohnke’s Own FABBY is formulated using the latest scientific knowledge in probiotic and prebiotic research to help optimise the digestive efficiency of the hindgut (large intestine) in all horses.  The highly concentrated probiotics, multiple premium prebiotics and other hindgut activating nutrients comprise a unique and powerful formulation that is suitable for horses of all ages and dietary intakes.

The Premium Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement with Hindgut Activators

FABBY is an acronym for the many benefical active ingredients which naturally help your horse’s gut microbiota!

FABBY:  Multi-Action Hindgut Targeted Digestive Supplement


The probiotics in FABBY include highly researched and equine-targeted live yeasts plus bacteria including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains.  These probiotics are highly concentrated (18 Billion CFU per maintenance dose) and actively reduce hindgut acidosis without artificial buffers.  Acid imbalance in the hindgut can cause serious problems, including acidic build up, hindgut ulcers or ‘cow-pat’ manure.  FABBY protects against negative effects of hindgut starch overload in horses consuming high starch diets.  The live yeasts in FABBY are also proven to boost digestion of fibre sources for improved condition in ‘hard keeper’ or ‘poor-doer’ horses.   


FABBY includes multiple prebiotics to help feed ‘good bacteria’ populations to positively influence the hindgut microbiota.  These prebiotics have been proven to help adapt to new diets, especially after sudden feed changes and improve conversion of feed to energy in horses with inefficient digestive function.

Active Yeast Components

Active Yeast Components are specially purified parts of the yeast cell, including MOS (mannan oligosaccharides), B-glucans and nucleotides which are designed to block attachment of infectious ‘bad’ bacteria and the action of pathogens in the hindgut. The purified nucleotides in FABBY benefit digestive function and regenerate the gastro-intestinal lining.  The combination of these Active Yeast Components may reduce scouring or loose manure in horses with poor hindgut microbiota balance.

Functional Fibres

The functional fibres in FABBY are a special blend of digestible and indigestible fibres which are designed to stimulate important areas of the gastro-intestinal tract for improved function, helping to regulate food passage through the digestive system.  Optimising the working of the hindgut is an important process in healthy manure production and general good digestion.  

Mycotoxin Binders

The mycotoxin binders in FABBY constitute a broad-spectrum approach using multiple types to counter a wider range of mycotoxins, but are specially selected to not absorb or bind other feed nutrients, such as vitamins.  FABBY is formulated to help horses exposed to feed ingested mycotoxins (up to a moderate level) and reduce risk of digestive upsets or problems in horses with feed sensitivities.

Specific Amino Acids including L-Glutamine

Specific amino acids such as L-glutamine are particularly included as it helps to regulate passage of manure through the gastro-intestinal tract and also feeds the cells lining the digestive system with energy to optimise digestive activity and maintain normal barrier function.  The combination of ingredients in FABBY are uniquely designed to help the entire hindgut and its contents.


Proven Results from Extensive Research

FABBY has been research tested for over 3 years in field trials with over 100 Aussie horses.  Trial owners reported their horses particularly benefited from optimised hindgut function, reduced loose manure or scouring issues, better utilisation of feed to maintain condition, plus visibly improved general health and vitality, even in situations of stress, change in feed or hay, lack of pasture, age, infirmity or high grain/starch diet