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     vitamins, minerals and amino acids for

  • Stallions
  • Young growing horses
  • Retired and spelling horses
  • Pregnant and lactating mares
  • For horses
  • Why use GroStance?

    GroStance is scientifically formulated to provide the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for overall health of stallions, pregnant or lactating mares and young growing horses.

    GroStance takes into consideration that breeding horses and young growing horses have greater nutritional requirements than resting horses.

    About the Ingredients

    GroStance includes Amino acids for growth, development, protein production and muscle repair.

    MSM provides the horse with sulphur, which has a role in general metabolism, protein synthesis, maintaining healthy mane, skin, hooves and joints.

    Biotin has a role in general metabolism health and maintaining the integrity of the skin, mane and hooves.

    Silica and Glucosamine Sulphate have a role in supporting normal skeletal growth and maintaining cartilage, mane, tail, hooves and eyes.

    Trace minerals and Vitamins at optimum levels for growing and breeding horses.

    Calcium and Phosphorus are included at a 2 : 1 ratio, which is considered ideal.