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  • HEMASOL 1.5KG, 3KG

    • Helps muscle function and fluid balance
    • Helps maintain normal cardiovascular function
    • Supports normal blood pressure
    • Supports vascular health
    • For horses
    • What is HemaSol?
      HemaSol is a herbal blend designed for daily supplementation to support vascular function in horses during exercise. Exercise  induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) in horses is often referred to as a “bleeding” or '’bleeding attack'’. EIPH is most  common in racing horses such as American Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. It also occurs in disciplines  where horses are exercising at a high intensity like polo ponies, barrel racers, reining horses, cutting horses, eventers and show jumpers.

      About the Ingredients
      Hawthorne Berry Powder  may support normal vascular dilation.
      Vitamin A - to support blood vessel wall integrity
      Magnesium - is added in several forms to balance the calcium, potassium and iron levels
      Vitamin K - is included to support blood clotting
      Fulvic Acid - is thought to support  normal coagulation of the blood

      Signs of EIPH (exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage)
      Unless a horse has severe EIPH, with blood present at the nostrils, the only definitive diagnosis can be made by  endoscopic examination of the trachea.
      However subtle signs may be:
      • Frequent swallowing and coughing in the immediate post-exercise recovery period
      • Poor appetite post-performance
      • Reduced performance