IMPRUVAL 1lt, 2.5lt, 20lt

IMPRUVAL 1lt, 2.5lt, 20lt

  • Helps promote normal hormonal balance
  • Helps support normal brain and nerve function
  • Enhances exercise tolerance
  • Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity
  • For horses
  • What is Impruval?
    Impruval may be beneficial as a pre and post event recovery supplement. Impruval may also offer benefits for hormonal mares by supporting normal hormone balance. During periods of intense activity, particularly during multi-day events, a horse’s nutritional requirements are significantly increased. This includes a greater demand for vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and energy. If these demands are not met, horses may suffer stress which may lead to ulcers, build up of lactic acid in muscles and poor recovery time. Impruval contains a mixture of herbal and mineral supplements which may support digestion and mineral intake, normal stress levels and normal recovery time.  Impruval may also support the horse’s normal  endocrine system.

    About the Ingredients
    Liquid Sea Minerals are a natural product containing over 40 sea minerals and trace minerals; including potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium.

    Moorlife is a natural compound, rich in bio-minerals, vitamins and amino acids; made from herbal compost, containing herbs, plants and flowers.

    Seaweed derived calcium is sourced from the sea bed near Iceland. It provides a bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium and may be used as a digestive aid buffering supplement for horses prior to stressful conditions.

    Fulvic Acid is an electrolyte used to create cellular balance. It may support normal digestion, health and vigor.
    Salmate is a powder containing Omega 3, EPA and DHA which may support general antioxidant benefits, heart rate and oxygen flow to muscles. 

    Gamma Oryzanol is a plant sterol which may support muscle mass, strength, energy and normal stress in horses.

    A propietary blend [Liquid Sea Minerals, Moorlife, Seaweed derived calcium, Fulvic Acid, Gamma Oryzanol, Omega 3 oil] 25g

    Add to feed.
    Maintenance: For a 10 day course
    Morning feed: 1 x 25ml scoop
    Night feed: 1 x 25ml scoop

    Performance: For 3 days pre-event, during, and 2 days post event
    Morning feed: 1 x 50ml scoop
    Night feed: 1 x 50ml scoop

    Recommended dose for a 500kg horse.