Itch Magic Lotion 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltrr

Itch Magic Lotion 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltrr


Itch Magick's Lotion is our signature blend of Essential Oils plus Iodine in a light Lotion Base.

This product is perfectly blended for the Head, Ears, Face & other awkward areas. The Lotion is rapidly absorbed into the sensitive skin and its consistency is ideal for staying in place. Always PATCH TEST first.

Itch Magick's Lotion is also great to use on dogs. It can be massaged in to problem areas and quickly absorbed so you don't have a greasy dog. Use an appropriate amount for your dog, just a small amount for a small dog for example. We always suggest you distract your dog for 10 minutes or so after using, this avoids your dog licking it straight off before it has a chance to do any good. This product does contain Tea Tree Oil.

We used Itch Magick's Lotion twice in the first 48 hours then a 2-3 TIMES A WEEK is generally all that is needed. Read and download application instructions here.