For Horses and Large dogs

Just Magick's Cream is our signature blend of Essential Oils plus Iodine in a rich, creamy base.

This product is for hotspots or other persistent problem areas. It has a thicker nourishing base that is readily absorbed into the skin. Always PATCH TEST first.

Just Magick's Cream can also be used on dogs with similar skin conditions. It may be used on specific spots like the top of the tail and it won't leave your dog's coat oily or waxy. We always suggest you distract your dog for 10 minutes or so after using, this avoids your dog licking it straight off before it has a chance to do any good. This product does contain Tea Tree Oil.

Just Magick's Cream can be used twice in the first 48 hours then 2-3 TIMES A WEEK is generally all that is needed. . In bad cases it may be best to apply daily in the initial week.

Available in, 100ml

We have found that the Lotion or Cream can then be applied every 2-3 days until the Itch is controlled. Then apply a small amount only as needed. It would be a good idea to apply regularly during the spring /summer months as it may prevent recurrence and help repel insects. We recommend the lotion or cream during the summer months if saturation treatment is needed, a light rug will prevent overheating if your horse is out in the elements on a scorching hot day