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Mindful Horsemanship promotes comfort in situations that would otherwise trigger flight or fight responses​. Mindfulness for Horses is a blend of Magnesium, Amino Acids, Plant Extracts and Vitamin B's.

Ingredient list:

Tyrosine        1g
L-lysine         8g
Magnesium Bioplex (organic)  7g
Withania Somnifera Root      7g
Glycyrrhiza glabra       2g
Rhodiola rosea               2gr
Siberian Ginseng       6gr
Thiamine       1.5gr
Pantothenic acid           300mg
Pyridoxine       300mg
Niacin                150mg
Riboflavin       60mg
Folic Acid        30mg

Best results have been observed when fed with the daily mineral & vitamin feed supplement FLOWERS GOLD