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PLACID REIN .300G, 3Kg, 10Kg


PLACID REIN - Add to feed powder. Nutraceutical support for nervous  and excitable horses.

Contains high levels of B Vitamins, Magnesium and calcium.

Performance horses can be limited by nervous and anxious behavior during training, when out of their normal environment and during completions. Equitec Placid Rein contains a blend of natural ingredients that may assist in maintaining the health of the nervous system and hence assist in performance horses reaching their potential. Equitec Placid Rein is non-swab-able.

Equitec Placid Rein may be useful where:

  • Grain intake is high
  • Breed related issues - Naturally Highly Strung or Nervous Horse
  • Competition nerves
  • Digestive disorders, liver, hind gut, or lacking enzymes
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Nutritional Deficiencies such as B Group Vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium, Trace Minerals,
  • Constitutional Weakness
  • Boredom

The success rate of calming products depends on whether a particular product suits the horse it is administered to eg. a horse with Magnesium deficiency will respond favourably when supplemented with that mineral. The same horse may not respond as favourably if supplemented with B1 or calcium.

PLACID REIN contains a wide range of nutrients formulated to collectively provide nutritional support to help cope with the broad spectrum of factors contributing to nervousness and anxiety in performance horses.

PLACID REIN may be administered on a daily basis for highly strung nervous horses.

PLACID REIN may also be administered short term for pre-event nerves.  If your horse suffers from pre-event nerves, supplement with Placid Rein for the 5 days before the event.


1 scoop (~30g) in the morning and evening feed

Placid Rein contains:     per 60g   
 Thiamin (B1)500mg
 RiboFlavin (B2)100mg
 Niacin (B3)100mg
 Pantothenic Acid (B5)200mg
 Pyridoxin (B6)100mg
 Acid Buff Calcium5g
 Cultured Yeast 8g
 Magnesium Proteinate4g