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  • TOXIN BINDER .500g, 1Kg, 2Kg, 6Kg


    Toxin Binder has been formulated from specific ingredients that may bind harmful mycotoxins in the horse's digestive tract during suspected mycotoxin poisoning. 

    What is a Mycotoxin?
    Mycotoxins can be found in the moulds and fungi that grow on some grasses (mainly paspalum, rye, couch and some weeds and clover). More than 500 mycotoxins have been identified to date. They are more prevalent in hot and humid conditions (spring and summer) and can also be found in some commercial feeds and hays. 
    How does Toxin Binder work?
    Mycosorb A contains two main ingredients; a specific strain of yeast and algae meal. Mycotoxins are thought to bind to this strain of yeast, thus removing them from the horse's digestive tract. The algae is also thought to target and absorb different types of toxins, removing a wider range of toxins when combined.
    Actigen and Ecocell are strains of yeast containing Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS). MOS are considered a prebiotic and are thought to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. They are thought to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the hindgut. They may also boost the immune function in the digestive tract.
    Powerstance is powdered coconut oil. It may have antimicrobial actions from the lauric acid for optimizing gut health, maintaining appetite and normal digestive function.
    Signs of Mycotoxin poisoning:
    Symptoms can vary widely from horse to horse, but may include;
    Itchy and/or hair loss
    Scabby sores
    String halt/ staggers
    Wasted top line
    Sun-burnt nose
    Persistent cough
    Odd sweating
    Coarse, dull coat
    Persistent greasy heel/ rain scald
    Unexplained spookiness and dangerous behavior
    Mycotoxin poisoning can also cause the following without any obvious signs:
    Depleted minerals in the body
    Decreased immune system
    Negative impact on kidneys, liver and reproductive system
    Severe cases can lead to death
    Directions for use:
    Add 20-60g per day to feed *split into two feeds where possible
    Starting with one teaspoon, gradually introduce into feed over a few days. Results are usually noticed within one week. During bad seasons use the highest dose rate recommended.

    Where there are several horses sharing ground, where one is suspected of having mycotoxin poisoning, it is recommended to feed each horse Toxin Binder as the other horses symptoms may not be as apparent.

    Available in 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 6kg