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  • VITASTANCE 200Gr, 3Kg, 6Kg, 10Kg


                   Why VitaStance?

          VitaStance provides horses and ponies with the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace                    minerals and amino acids to support health and wellbeing.

          VitaStance is a supplement to blalance the mineral intake of horses fed CoolStance, hay            and grazing an average pasture.

          VitaStance contains fatty acids and co-factors to assist bioavailability and to provide                    benefits     of omega 3 and lauric acid. VitaStance also Includes amino acids for growth,              development, protein production and muscle repair.

          About the Ingredients
         Magnesium Sulfate and Magnesium Oxide - Important for nerve and muscle function, and           may have a calming influence
        Threonine - An amino acid that assists body condition, weight maintenance and may aid            digestive health
        Lysine - An essential amino acid required for growth and development
       CoolStance - (Ground coconut meal) high in protein, amino acids, fibre and MCT oil and low       NSC
       SalMate (powdered fish oil) - Provides essential fatty acids, omega 3s (EPA & DHA)
       Methionine - An essential sulphur amino acid required by the body to make protein
       Bull Kelp - Rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium
       PowerStance (powdered coconut oil) - May assist coat condition and provide MCT oil
       Biotin - For hoof health
       Vitamin and Mineral Premix - Provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals
        Inositol - Believed to aid fat transportation and nerve transmission
       Seaweed derived calcium - Bioavailable calcium and magnesium. High buffering capabilities.